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Featured Minecraft Steve

Featured Minecraft Steve


turncia 11 days ago

I will kill that guy or I will kill quora.

turncia 11 days ago

Ben houston, I have a very big problem. Dennis keeps on saying By not screaming and crying.

There are better ways to let your mom know you aren’t happy with the status quo…you calmly tell her.

Screaming and crying is reserved for painful episodes where body or soul is affected, not for when you don’t get your way.

Her telling you to stop says that you rely too much on screaming and crying to get the outcome you want. when i scream and cry because screaming and crying does not mean i do not know how to express my feelings with words, It means I wanna scream and cry because to stop my problem, I know how to deal with it. could you please tell this guy Dennis Manning, occasional superhero, veteran, family man, wise old fart on quora to stop saying this to me. He is Such an idiot!

1efwwfwfwfe 2 months ago

Please help me, Ben Houston, I'm always having this problem, I always think of age, grade and year, please make me stop these thoughts for me. My head is going like 2020, grade 7 and 12 years old, what the fuck is wrong with me, pls help me ben houston!!!

engloge angelica hale garbage idiot

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