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Quick Start Videos

A variety of quick video tutorials to get you up and running with

Mouse Navigation and Viewports in

Getting started with mouse navigation and’s viewport system.

Duration: 1 Minute.

How to Move, Rotate and Scale an Object

Getting started with moving, rotating and scaling objects in

Duration: 1 Minute.

Component Mode Editing

How to enter into component mode, and select/deselect components.

Duration: 1 Minute

Modifying Objects

How to modify objects by editing their properties directly or by using the tools panel.

Duration: 1 Minute

We show the basics of navigation, orbiting around objects or sub-object selections, plus various methods of selecting nodes or sub-objects.

Duration: 4 Minutes.

Hierarchy, Grouping and Visibility

In this video, we review methods of grouping/ungrouping objects, parent and child relations, and show you methods of hiding, unhiding or isolating selected nodes.

Duration: 5 Minutes.

Introduction to Spot Lights

We look at creating spot lights, positionng them, setting up real-time shadow casting, and adjusting the standard spot light parameters to get a good looking scene setup.

Duration: 3 Minutes.

Introduction to Polygon Modeling

We use the various poly editing tools including extrude, edge connect, vertex transformations along with a mesh smooth to create a cute plane model.

Duration: 3 Minutes.

Introduction to Sharing and Collaboration

We show how to share your scenes with your colleges and how multi-user real-time editing works.

Duration: 2 Minutes.

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