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Creating and Assigning

In, we use geometry to define an object’s shape. We must then use materials to define an object’s appearance. Materials can make an object appear to be metallic, wooden, concrete, plastic, fabric, glass, or any other imaginable type.

Creating Materials

Materials are nodes, just like other objects in the scene. However, they only reside under the Material Library node in the Explorer. To create a new material, right click the *Material Library > New > * and select your material type.

Creating Materials from Explorer

Materials can also be added from the Render menu bar under Materials.

Creating Materials from Render Menu

Assigning Materials

We can assign a material to an object using the object’s Material property. Select the object, and pick the desired material from the dropdown box.

Assigning Materials from Properties

We can also assign materials by dragging objects to the desired Material in the explorer. With this method you can assign a material to multiple objects at once. To do this, select the PolyMesh objects, then (inside the Explorer) drag the PolyMeshes to the desired material in the Material Library.

Assigning Materials from Explorer

There is another way to assign a Material to multiple objects. First, select the objects in the viewport. Next, hold down Ctrl and right click on the Material from the Explorer (under the Material Library). Finally, select Assign Material.

Assign Multiple Materials from Right-Click Menu

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