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Player Settings

The Player allows you to see what an embedded view port looks like. This can be accessed by going to File > Player. It comes with a play button to view your animation and supports camera controls using the three mouse buttons:

  • Left Mouse Button - Camera Orbit

  • Scroll Mouse Button - Zooms in and out

  • Right Mouse Button - Camera Pan

Keyboard hot keys include A** and **F to frame your camera view port to all objects within your scene.

###Player Settings

This can be accessed by going to File > Publishing…. The Player Settings pop-up window contains 5 main categories.

  • Player Link - Grants people immediate access to your scene Player in a new tab. Simply copy and paste the link provided and then send it to your friends.

  • Embed Scene - The html code you would use to embed your Player onto other websites. It is no different than embedding images or videos from streaming sites. You can learn more about how to embed scenes here. Also, if you would like to learn more about the embedding SDK and how to work with iframe, please refer to this page .

  • Public Access - Here, you can choose to allow anyone to view your scene without having to sign in to Clara. Provided is another option that allows users to clone the scene from the Player onto their own account to use.

  • Description - Here, you can enter the details of your scene that will appear on your embedded Player.

  • License - Here, you can choose the End-User License Agreement suitable to your case. You can choose to create a custom made EULA if the other choices to not meet your needs.

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