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Convert Image

With this api endpoint you can convert a PDF format or TIFF format image to jpg or png.



Required Parameters

  • file: (or url) the upload image

Optional Parameters

  • owner: the owner of result image
  • sceneId: the scene of result image
  • quality: (default 100) Adjusts the jpeg|miff|png|tiff compression level. val ranges from 0 to 100.
  • type: the type of uploaded image
  • targetFormat: (default jpg) the format of result image
  • name: the name of the image
  • density: This option specifies the image resolution to store while encoding a raster image or the canvas resolution while rendering (reading) vector formats into an image.
  • resize: (default true) resize image to a power-of-2 sized texture.


  • success: status 200
  "_id": "the id of result image",
  "hash": "the hash of result image",
  "size": "the size of result image",
  "type": "the format of result image",
  "original": "the url of upload image",
  "result": "the url of result image",
  "width": "the with of result image",
  "height": "the height of result image",
  "originalWidth": "the width of upload image",
  "originalHeight": "the height of upload image",
  • failure: status 500, error message in response body

Example Request

curl -X POST "" \
  -F "file=@/path/to/the/file" \
  -F "owner=username" \
  -F "name=myImage"
  -F "trim=true"

Get image from url:

curl -X POST "" \
  -F "url=https://path/to/the/file" \
  -F "owner=username" \
  -F "name=myImage"
  -F "quality=75"

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