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Modify Scene



URL Parameters

  • uuid: the scene ID.

JSON Schema

        "description": "The Scene Name."
        "type": "boolean",
        "description": "If true, do not require authentication for scene to be viewable."
        "type": "boolean",
        "description": "If true, non-authenticated users can clone this scene."
        "type": "String",
        "description": "Description of scene."
        "type": "String",
        "description": "The usage license.",
        "permitted values":{
            "none": "None (All rights reserved)",
            "custom": "Custom",
            "cc by": "Creative Commons Attribution",
            "cc by-sa": "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike",
            "cc by-nc": "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial",
            "cc by-nc-sa": "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike",
            "cc by-nd": "Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs",
            "cc by-nc-nd": "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs",
            "cc0": "No Rights Reserved",
            "public": "Public Domain"

Example Request

curl "" \
    -u username:c3be3060-fe81-467b-aa62-0ee42eea9c8b \
    -X PUT \
    -d public=true \
    -d allowPublicClone=true \
    -d license="cc by"

Clara Node SDK

When using the Clara Node SDK:

$ clara scenes:update [options]

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