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Orthographic Cameras

Orthographic projections shoot parallel rays from the camera. As a result, all objects appear the same in size, despite their distance from the lens. Orthographic projections come in handy for precise measurements when creating architectural and engineering renderings.

Orthographic Camera

To use an Orthographic Projection, first you need to create a Camera.
There are several ways to achieve this:

  • Go to Rendering tab and click on the Camera icon

  • In the viewport, click on the +** icon (located on the upper left corner), and then click on **Create ViewCamera.

  • Using the keyboard shortcut, Alt + C

Camera from Creation Panel

Camera Creation from View Port

Next, you’ll need to change your Camera Projection type to Orthographic from the Properties panel.

Camera Properties

If you have more than one Camera, and you need to make sure you’re looking through the right one, simply click on the Perspective selection menu (located on the upper left corner of your viewport), and make a selection from the Cameras sub menu.

Camera Selection

Note however, Orthographic Cameras can only Pan and Zoom. They cannot be used to orbit around your scene.

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