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Featured 1967 Shelby Ford Mustang

Featured 1967 Shelby Ford Mustang


Classique04 3 months ago

Wonderful job . Please can I import this directly into after effects with out using plugins like videocopilots etc. My copilot and Cinemax stopped displaying any image .. pls can any one reply me. Thank you so much. I am working on a music video

Hinglemcringle a year ago

if you could make it blue with white stripes and put hemi on the side it would basically be my dads car

shahinrafzi 2 years ago

Thanks so much. Very good is

Radioactivez 3 years ago

when I used it I didn't get the textures with it. otherwise its great

ranasaad2989 3 years ago


dvinal 4 years ago

Very nice, brings back memories, I had the 1967 convertible Mustang!

Jacobton 4 years ago

thanks alot, i want to use it for my personal school assignment which i will be graded. Thanks

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