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Find out more about the most frequently asked questions posed by users.

Dual Monitors

Web browsers do not support dual monitors. But you can open up two browser windows pointing at the same scene. Just copy the URL and paste it into another browser window. Your changes in one scene will sync automatically with the other. You can put one browser on each window and it will be as if you have a single application running on both monitors.

Application Shortcuts

You can make an app shortcut if you use Chrome. Just go to and then go to the menu in Chrome “Tools > Create Application Shortcuts…” and you can place the tool on your desktop or launch bar. will then look and behave like a standard desktop application rather than a web-application.

Adjust Font Size

You can adjust the font size in by changing the zoom level of your browser. You can make the font larger or smaller. The rest of the application should automatically adjust to handle the font size changes.

Gravatars and Privacy

Some users have expressed concerns that our use of Gravatars for user icons is a so-called “privacy leak”. If this is a concern, we suggest following the advice in this Discourse Meta discussion, basically you should use variants on your email address (salts) in order to avoid this security concern. Gmail provides an easy way to specify email variants, as discussed in the linked to post.

Colored Property Labels

Before exploring’s animation system, you may come across red, orange, or green property labels, which may cause some confusion. These labels represent the state of the property with regards to keyframing. The color will change if the label has been clicked. To clear the keyframe, right click the label and select Remove Key Frame or Clear Key Frames.

  • White labels indicate properties unaffected by animation.
  • Red labels indicate properties with a keyframe on the current frame.
  • Orange labels indicate properties with unconfirmed changes. Click the label to confirm and change its color to red.
  • Green labels indicate properties whose value is calculated by interpreting between two keyframes.

For more information, visit the Animation article.

Getting Plugin Access

To create a plugin, you must first request plugin access. Contact us at to get started!

Cancellation and Termination

You may cancel your account at any time. To stop automatic payments you need to go into your account and degrade your account to the free account. Then you must email and specifying your user name and stating in the subject that we are to cancel or terminate your account. We would appreciating knowing the reason for your cancellation, but it is not required. Refer to our help documentation if you require assistance.

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