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Featured Standard Male Figure

Featured Standard Male Figure

Standard Male Body from Exocortex Species:


57811 a month ago

fuck you bhouston!

fnafloveryesqueen 2 months ago

Does this have bones..?

Misriks 8 months ago

i cannot mesh the figure in blender. :/

antonujita 2 years ago

une aide pour réalisé la couronne de antonujita animation des personnage il y a 8 AU DÉPART MERCIE

bhouston 4 years ago

@ggggggggggl I think that they are separate meshes from the main body. What tool are you using for rigging? Try a near by skinning tool rather than one that just follows the mesh topology.

Chevay2465 4 years ago


ggggggggggl 4 years ago

@Ben Houston, hey, the model is pretty nice, but when I begin rigging, the fingernails don't move with the model although it is one big object. Could you give me some advice?

nadir11222 4 years ago

Put a lamp to lighten up it.

hui890890 4 years ago

I downloaded this for blender, but when i try to put any kind of texture to it or even render it, it comes up as a solid white/black. Is there any way to fix this?

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