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Appendix: Glossary


The virtual environment in which all work takes place. Includes all files and settings such as models, textures, and rendering options. Stored on the cloud and accessible from anywhere.


The exact center of the scene. Located at position (0, 0, 0). All new objects are created at the origin.


A selectable entity in a viewport that shows up in the Explorer panel under the Objects heading. Most commonly polygonal geometry but also includes logical objects such as cameras and lights.


An instantaneous view of the object’s 3D geometry at a specific time on the timeline.


The process of generating 3D images from geometry using a variety of techniques. Can be a single frame or multiple frames to create animation.

Log Panel

Describes any changes that occurred to an object as well as any errors that occurred while executing a plugin.


A small software addition that is inserted into a larger software so that the user may implement specific functions that suit their needs.

Axis-Aligned Bounding Box

A cube with all edges parallel to the scene’s axes. It is sized to contain the object it represents. Used when only the rough size and position of the object are needed, such as primitive collision detection, render culling, and low-detail representation.

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