Embedding a player

The player may be embedded in another webpage by loading the player in an iframe.

<iframe src="https://clara.io/player/v2/{uuid}></iframe>

URL Arguments

Various features may be enabled/disabled via the url.


The default tools may be either 1. on, 2. on but hidden in the ui, or 3. off.

  • To turn a tool off completely, use false, or 0.
  • To hide the tool in the UI but leave it visable, use hide.
  • The enable it, use true, or 1. (For default tools, by leaving it off the query string completely it will be enabled and visible).

  • tools -- Enable/Hide/Disable all tools.

  • tools.orbit -- The orbit tool, rotates the camera around the target.
  • tools.pan -- Moves the camera sideways.
  • tools.zoom -- Zoom the camera
  • tools.home -- Resets the camera to its original position.


  • configurator.show -- Shows the selected configuration form and options
  • configurator.configuration -- Initinal the player with provided configuration options
/player/v2/{uuid}?configurator.configuration={"Color":"Gray", "Size":"Large"}


(default false). When wait is false, this command returns the most recently published version, and if necessary, enqueues a job to update. When wait is true, it waits until the job is complete before returning if the scene is out of date. Use wait=false when it's more important to display the scene quickly and wait=true when it's more important to display the latest version of the scene.


load a specific version of the scene. See publish.