• Fixed overlap direction for TextShape operator
  • Fix the mouse zoom scroll on windows chrome
  • Nodes with inherited transforms are now positioned correctly with the nodeMove tool


  • Add the custom font in canvas text operator, so the user can use the font file.
  • Add force double sided.
  • Switch to higher quality thumbnail & server side rendering mechanism
  • [Fix] Remove blank option in configurator


  • Added moved to the state returned in the onEnd callback of nodeMove tool, indicating whether any movement was actually applied to the node
  • Fixed an error when using the OffsetShape operator


  • [FIX] Regression caused scenes to not show/initialize the configurator.


  • Fixed a bug where PolyMesh nodes that are updated to an empty mesh would still render their previous mesh
  • Fixed bounding box calculation error when encountering a non-buffergeometry mesh
  • Fixed zoom scrolling when initializing a player with pan or orbit tools removed
  • Improved algorithm for compacting geometry in the TextShape operator
  • Added TextShape demo
  • Added BooleanShapes operator to Shape nodes to combine Shape geometries (intersect, union, subtract, XOR)
  • Add Center and CenterShape operators (for PolyMesh and Shape nodes, respectively) to center and align geometry with local axes
  • Add min/max support for Vec3 operator properties (accepts single numbers or object/array vector formats for per-axis constraints)
  • Added shouldMove and updatePosition callback functions as options to the nodeMove tool, for customizable constraints over when and how to move (See Tutorial)


  • fix load failure on scenes with area lights


  • fixed bad geometry when using the FromShapeWithBevel with a Shape that has an edge which traces backward over the previous one
  • Configurator: actions for an Options attribute's value are no longer deleted when the value is renamed
  • fixed an issue with the autoShadow options not respecting transforms, resulting in artefacts like cutoff shadows
  • added a rigidity option on the UVWarp operator to keep connected mesh components flat when warping
  • fixed issues with GemMaterial sparkles not rendering with the correct size (or at all)
  • fixed light positions being off by 1 unit
  • added nodeMove tool option to show attachment points
  • improve SAO on mobile


  • Fixed several errors with usage of discardable geometry
  • Improved handling of bad faces during mesh triangulation
  • Added a demo for zooming via a slider control
  • Added warpOffset option to the UVWarp operator for added control of object positioning in the UV space


  • Fixed physical materials not using environment map when player loaded with camera setting query params (ex. polarAngle, azimuthAngle, etc)
  • Fixed bug where Shape node rendering was not being cleared when it was updated with empty geometry
  • Added Shape node Reference operator to use the output of another Shape node
  • The PolyMesh Reference operator is now preserved on publish
  • Delaunay triangulation used to improve 'earcut' triangulation in 'FromShape*' operators.
  • Added bevel option to the FromShapeWithExtrude operator


  • Full customization with annotation css. Use annotation-ID for per-annotation css.
  • Resolution support for snapshots.
  • Fixed the overlap functionality of the TextShape operator


  • Support markdown and custom css for annotations. Use IMAGENODEURL:"Image node name" for Image urls.
  • Fixed an issue with the reflective floor not disappearing when disabled
  • Fixed touch events registering clicks twice
  • Fixed a bug with player.filterNodesFromPosition not getting the correct position
  • TextShape geometry now forms properly closed loops
  • Added UVWarp operator for PolyMesh nodes
  • Added a new FromShapeEdgeSweep operator to produce a swept PolyMesh from Shape edges
  • Added custom autoRotate resume time to the Player plug, for resuming autorotation after canvas interaction
  • Bounding box calculations (ex. via scene.getNodeBoundingBox) now include Shape nodes
  • scene.getNodeBoundingBox now accepts an ignoreChildren boolean property in the options (2nd) argument for whether to include descendant nodes in the bounding box calculation. Ex. scene.getNodeBoundingBox(id, { ignoreChildren:true })


  • [FIX] minify claraplayer.min
  • Annotation image


  • Added wireframe demo
  • Fixed mesh selection with wireframe rendering
  • Added a TransformVertices operator for Shape nodes, analogous to that for PolyMesh nodes


  • Add scene.attachModel: Move model within a scene via anchor/attach points.
  • Add scene.reparent: Adjust transforms while reparenting nodes
  • Configurator events: nodeleave/nodeenter/click as triggers for actions


  • [FIX] error exportBufferGeometry is not a function
  • Added FromShape and FromShapeWithExtrude operators to create a polymesh node from a shape node


  • Added RingShape and AttachShape operators for Shape nodes
  • Added Offset operator for Shape nodes
  • Added embedded zoom slider
  • Updated momentum algorithm"
  • New Pass Control Table
  • Add wireframe mode


  • Added new Shape node type for line-based features
  • Added TextShape, Rectangle, Circle, Polygon operators for Shape nodes


  • [FIX] material loading
  • [FIX] OIT


  • Add support to Selection Sets for adding and removing lists of node ids in addition to the query.
  • [FIX] Option visibility working with Image swatches


  • [FIX] Fixed an error when updating a hemisphere light
  • Added the notion of layers. PolyMesh nodes can be assigned a layer, and cameras can have a layer specified to use when framing the scene. player.frameScene and scene.getNodeBoundingBox now accept an additional options argument specifying a layer for framing or bounding box calculation.


  • [FIX] scene.getScreenPosition should not fail if scene is not loaded


  • Add configuration.onChange to register change listeners that get called during the same frame as the change.
  • [FIX] Regression when calling frameScene/getScreenPosition during animations


  • [FIX] ShapeSets for some font letters would compact/align relative to an incorrect region of an adjacent letter
  • Bent ShapeSets don't deform their ring attachments anymore.
  • [FIX] Crash from UIWebView on iOS


  • [FIX] Convert bingeom function with empty options


  • Add support for metadata on configurator attributes
  • configuration.getConfiguration does not include hidden attributes
  • Add v2 fbx exporter


  • Add rings to the shape sets (LineText operator)
  • Fix changed material references might not always be reflected in render.
  • Add support uploading files from the configurator through a url and cache check for File uploads.
  • Add keepAspectRatio option to ImportImage


  • New Selection Set api: selection.createSelectionSet
  • Camera option in snapshot command
  • 16 blend shape channels
  • Improve diffuseColor/baseColor handling, decode gamma to linear for both


  • Bevel operation and proper normals on shape sets (LineText operator)
  • Improved shapeset spacing (LineText operator)
  • Improved performance of operators that make use of selection indices (ex. TransformVertices)
  • The default camera now adjusts clipping planes based on scene dimensions


  • [FIX] Fixed triangulation algorithm that would hang the player when loading meshes with specific geometries


  • [FIX] SVG image properly used in canvas composite
  • [FIX] Array and SegmentRevolve operators now work properly when their count and repeats (respetively) properties are set to 1
  • player.getBoundingBox now properly ignores meshes that are not hierarchically visible
  • Add windowed option to CanvasComposite operator
  • Add windowed and shadow option to CanvasText operator


  • The UVMap operator will now preserve and use rotation values rather than recalculating and overwriting them when the xAxis property is set to 4 (averaged normals).
  • Added support for svg format in the Image operator
  • [FIX] Loading fonts


  • Earcut triangulation algorithm improved and reinstated
  • [FIX] TransformVertices operator no longer applies the centerType transform when its matrix property is set


  • Revert earcut triangulation algorithm, which caused geometry issues in some cases


  • Use earcut algorithm to triangulate faces in meshes.
  • [FIX] Bad UV indices when importing FBX
  • [FIX] GemMaterial sparkles were not updating with gemstone mesh geometry changes
  • TransformVertices operator now supports centerType property for scaling/rotation pivot
  • Revolve, SegmentRevolve and CrossSectionRevolve operators are no longer collapsed on scene publish


  • [Fix] Prevent embedded configurator script from running multiple times
  • Increase number of BlendDeformer blend shape channels from 4 to 8
  • Create clips of reduced transit size for faster scene graph download
  • [FIX] Optimized images on server side renders
  • Create faceNormals property for polymeshes


  • fix broken build


  • Add DeleteComponent operator
  • properly use the environment map intensity for gem material
  • Add order in transprancy render pass support


  • Allow for resizing and format change of image assets in image plug
  • [FIX] Revert behaviour of tinting composition in IE


  • Fix publishing on scenes with Canvas Image operator


  • Added 'Squish Factor' to Gem material
  • Remove limit of concurrent file requests
  • Disable LZMA compressed files
  • Change product tour arrow display
  • Set IE-incompatible canvas blending mode to 'source-over' in v2 for IE
  • [FIX] defeaturing
  • Add Auto explode functionality
  • Hide configurator tool in vr mode
  • Added color swatches to configurator
  • Improve scene.animateCameraTo smoothness


  • Added soft selection options to the TransformVertices operator
  • Tessellate operator now treats empty indices as selecting entire mesh


  • Added support for the MetaData operator


  • Ensure DOM has been updated before events are emitted
  • Import Image supports pdf and svg format
  • Update bounding box correctly after geometry transform (ex. TransformVertices operator)


  • Gem sparkles
  • Added Tessellation operator for v2
  • Added configuration.setAttributeVisibility to public API
  • Added support for MaterialIDs operator


  • [FIX] Average Normals option in UVMap operator
  • Added Gem materials
  • Add configuration.getPresets to public API


  • Added support to MeshSmooth operator for tangent map
  • Disable Mouse Controls during camera animation


  • Configurator Presets and Script support
  • Add SegmentRevolve operator
  • Add Extrude operator to V2
  • Add headlight if no lighting exists
  • onChange function of nodeMove returns intercept data in surface mode
  • VR Keyboard controls only walk on VR walkable surfaces and stops at walls
  • [FIX] Fullscreen resizing on safari
  • [FIX] Resolution adjustments to VR mode


  • [FIX] IBL fixed on iphone6s/7.


  • Add camera attribute orthoHeight for clearer manipulation of orthographic camera view


  • [FIX] Rotation of UVMaps


  • [FIX] Visibility for pre-fetched meshes was not being respected
  • [FIX] configurator variables values are being lost


  • Add Swatch display support for configurator
  • [FIX] Baking Transform of PolyMeshes in V1 and V2
  • [FIX] Loading of newly visible PolyMeshes
  • [FIX] Changing node properties during load and clone
  • [FIX] Selection (and raycasting in general) after certain scenegraph changes


  • [FIX] query for property: active will match all operators.
  • Hierarchy visibility respects Model visibility, and Annotations follow


  • [FIX] Background texture disposing
  • [FIX] Add operator scenegraph updates


  • Add variable quality for mobile and vr devices
  • Rename Lathe operator to Revolve
  • Improved scenegraph updates, resolving some animation performance issues


  • Fixed crash with UVMap operator on a mesh with no pre-existing uv map


  • Added customization for selection highlight thickness
  • Expand functionality of uv map operator
  • Updated configurator ui


  • Added Tangents operator
  • Fixed scenegraph queries using the wrong operator


  • Add support for Cut/Slice and Symmetry/Mirror operators
  • Added BendDeformer operator
  • Add hierarchy visibility


  • Fixed faces for lathed meshes with added vertices
  • Fixed background turning black when highlighting a node


  • Add support for Lathe operator
  • Update coverage of promise and Array.findIndex for IE 11


  • Change vrTeleport to walkable
  • Fixed poor quality on very small primitives


  • public configuration.setAttribute api


  • configuration annotation visibility action
  • configuration multi scene support


  • configuration.executeAttribute


  • configuration api fix


  • Backwards compatibility updates to configuration


  • Updates to configuration api


  • Allow modification of highlight color
  • Greater z-buffer precision on server
  • [FIX] Modify TypedArray.from polyfill for safari <= 9


  • Improved quality on Intel integrated graphics.
  • Support for directional soft shadows (Ultra mode.)
  • Improved specular reflection quality.
  • Improved no-WebGL fail-over.
  • Skip interstitial on WebVR on Oculus and Vive
  • Improve z-ordering for the viewer.
  • Allow for polymesh volume calculation.


  • Add polyfill for Array.from for Internet Explorer
  • Reduce z-index of manipulator tools
  • Fixes for the resizing of vr interstitial
  • Interstial doesn't show on non-mobile devices


  • Add polyfill for Array.from for Internet Explorer


  • Scale background image
  • Updates to configuration api.


  • Increase efficiency of HDR cube maps on server side renders
  • lzma no longer used on mobile to speed up scene loading


  • Add onChange and onEnd callbacks to the node tools.


  • Individual Camera Control Setting
  • maxZoom url parameter for embeded player
  • [FIX] Reparent nodes fix for raycasting


  • Various configurator app usability changes


  • [FIX] Intersitial on Daydream and other intersitial styling


  • Add nodeenter, nodeleave tool events
  • Add controllerUpdate event
  • Custom vr teleport meshes


  • Expose Normal operator
  • [FIX] Raycasting on tool widgets
  • Add VR interstitial


  • [FIX] improper const usage.
  • Throttle XMLHTTPRequests.
  • Improved accuracy of animation optimizations.


  • [FIX] custom annotion overlays should persist across clearScene.


  • Bumpmap scale is now invariant


  • sceneIO.clearScene will now clear all scene data and cached data for improved memory profiles.
  • Add sceneIO.prefetch, to warm the cache for the next scene



  • [FIX] Skin Operator fix


  • Fix bug preventing some thumbnails from rendering


  • Improve alpha transparency quality of screenshots


  • Fix for transform vertices bug


  • Use FXAA everywhere for first render rather than SSAA.
  • Fix for incorrect HDR lighting on Intel on Windows.
  • Improved HDR quality for Safari.


  • Fix for node reparenting


  • Update to configuration


  • [FIX] Safari fix for updated Lights


  • Add Player attribute for shadow quality
  • Added player.setProgressBar for customizing the progress bar display


  • Modified config storage from object to array.
  • Add Auto Shadow for Directional Light and Spot Light


  • Add support for look at operator for non camera nodes


  • [FIX] Plug memory leak from multi materials
  • Add Combined Camera controls tool
  • Add optional configuration panel to player


  • Added world space relative uv mapping
  • Added directional light support
  • Improved shadow support for all light types
  • Camera target centered when using virtual camera or polar arguments


  • Add scene.getScreenPosition api, for returning 2d position of a node
  • Add annotations.useCustomOverlayFunction api for building custom overlay UIs


  • Add support for ambient occlusion map


  • Camera target centered when using virtual camera or polar arguments
  • Add fullscreen option in requestLenticularMod()


  • Improved memory management when switching scenes. 2.2.29-sc

  • Camera target centered when using virtual camera or polar arguments


  • Add support for material ID aware subdivision.


  • Support for orthographic camera.
  • Support AO/Roughness/Metallic maps as combined RGB maps.


  • Fixes to VR Navigation and VR Rendering


  • Misc configuration


  • Canvas text operator
  • Fixed hdr texture discoloration/banding issue on Internet Explorer and in thumbnails
  • Several other minor fixes and improvements to hdr texture handling
  • Fix subdivision handling of UV creases
  • 2.2.23

    • Fixed texture memory leak
    • Miscellaneous bugfixes
  • 2.2.21

    • Fixed normal mapping when faces have inverted UVs from a flip operation.
    • Allow for flipping red and green normal map channels in physical materials.
  • 2.2.19

    • Added initial support for physics simulation
  • 2.2.18

    • Fix mirror initialization bug related to fade/roughness.
    • Smoother fade falloff.
    • Lower SSAA max sample refinement.
  • 2.2.17

    • Expand annotation FOV to 360 degrees.
    • Allow one to set the annotation direction axis.
  • 2.2.16

    • Upgrade three.js for faster IBL
    • Correct IBL orientation.
    • Change order of Bloom, DOF and SAO post effects to ensure that SAO is applied first.
  • 2.2.15

    • [FIX] Regression for camera animations
  • 2.2.14

    • Add support for names key in query, which does a heirarchical search by names
    • Clips are now published using heirarchical names, so node names do not need to be globally unique
  • 2.2.13

    • Add scene.addNode, and scene.addOperator actions
    • Add scene.getNodeBoundingBox selector
    • [FIX] Handle drag events originating from within an iframe
    • [FIX] Updates to SAO
    • [FIX] Error with setupCommand being run multiple times
  • 2.2.12

    • [FIX] Updated to the latest version of three.js to fix a crash with multiple player instances
  • 2.2.11

    • Remove focus outline on the canvas
    • Add smoothing by material ids to subd
  • 2.2.10

    • Added clearScene function
    • Added material ids to mesh
    • Merged Text and String SchemaType
    • SchemaType String now enforces type
    • [FIX] Meshes now retain optional data on a non-topology change
    • [FIX] IE Compatibility Errors
  • 2.2.9

    • [FIX] Meshs now always default to doublesided rendering
  • 2.2.8

    • [FIX] Subdivision of UVMaps now treats all edges and corners as fixed
  • 2.2.7

    • Holding Shift while dragging now pans
    • Holding Control while dragging now zooms
    • Added player version to 'is loaded' output and player object
    • [FIX] Fixed warnings related to three.js
  • 2.2.6

    • [FIX] Fixed a bug in the box operator when the y segments were different from the z segments
    • [FIX] Tools such as orbit and zoom now work correctly when there are multiple players on a page
  • 2.2.5

    • [FIX] Added check for non-existent references to nodes
  • 2.2.4

    • Added Depth of Field Pass
    • Added ‘devMode’ option to claraplayer, which will turn uncaughtError catching off
    • [FIX] Rollbar errors now print the stack trace for the error, not the error handler
  • 2.2.3

    • Added Bloom Render Pass
  • 2.2.2

    • Revert change to three.js exporting colors as hex (fix publish compatibility for old versions)
  • 2.2.1

    • [FIX] Animating from cameras with LookAt targets
  • 2.2.0

    • Updated to the latest version of three.js
  • 2.1.1

    • Introduce commands and widgets
    • vrMode tool will be visible when vr is available
  • 2.0.12

    • Changed fetch api to include waitForPublish option, default is false
    • [FIX] duplicate declaration of property in UVTransform schema
  • 2.0.11

    • [FIX] sortFacesByAxis missing argument
  • 2.0.10

    • Major Version Change: Major internal changes for faster animation
    • [WARNING] This version introduces breaking API changes
      • getting reference id's now return the ID directly
      • getting Vector3 and Color now return three.js instances
  • 1.7.11

    • Scene will still load even if assest do not
  • 1.7.10

    • [FIX] UVMap operator now handles undefined uvMaps
  • 1.7.9

    • Add UVTransform operator
  • 1.7.8

    • [FIX] Don't eat mouseup events on the page
  • 1.7.7

    • Added Instancing support
  • 1.7.6

    • Added planar projection to UVMap operator
  • 1.7.5

    • [FIX] Render issue when resizing window
  • 1.7.4

    • Added falloff colors, maps, opacity and opacity maps.
  • 1.7.3

    • [FIX] Blend algorithm for msaa
    • [FIX] Lightmap issue
  • 1.7.2

    • [FIX] Zero scale causes problems
  • 1.7.1

    • [FIX] player.animateCameraTo
  • 1.7.0

    • Add VR Support
  • 1.6.11

    • [FIX] Cube map backgrounds assumed HDR
  • 1.6.10

    • [FIX] image prefetch
  • 1.6.9, Format 30

    • Support EnvironmentMap and CubeMap scene backgrounds
  • 1.6.8

    • Add UV Map operator with support for Box projection
    • Add useTimeline option to queueClip, for displaying animation timeline
    • Support calling setupCommand inside v2 WebGL renders
    • Add sceneIO.preloadCommand for running commands before scene is displayed
    • filter/getAll will not throw error if from query does not match
    • [FIX] Collapse on publish will not send empty polymesh if node is hidden
  • 1.6.7

    • [FIX] filterNodesFromPosition working on touch
  • 1.6.6

    • animateCameraTo, trackball mode
  • 1.6.5, Format 29

    • Support for full transform operator (incl pre-rotation)
    • Move AA refinement out of hardware into software
    • [FIX] Fix for animate camera
  • 1.6.4

    • Optimize polymesh to buffer geometry, for improved animation speed
  • 1.6.3

    • Support keyframe thinning
    • [FIX] Detect transparency in maps
  • 1.6.2

    • Improvements to animation speed
    • Expose three.js camera and scene from api (api.three.scene)
  • 1.6.1

    • Fixes to Skinning and animating of sub keyframes.
  • 1.6.0-sc

    • End drag events when mouseup happens outside player iframe
    • SubD Improvements
  • 1.6.0, Format 28

    • Add initial support for Skinning
    • Create a clip from the default keyframes on the scene.
    • Support for PolyMesh primitives: Box, Sphere, Cone, Capsule, Cylinder, Plane, Torus, Disk
    • Add constrain camera sphere
  • 1.5.23

    • Remove trackball jitter
    • Fix drag tools locking when inside iframe, and mouseup event occurs outside the iframe
  • 1.5.22

    • Add player.filterNodesFromPosition
  • 1.5.21

    • Fix camera zoom issue
  • 1.5.20, Format 27

    • Support TransformVertices Operator
  • 1.5.19

    • Improve SubD
  • 1.5.18

    • [FIX] Issue with safari compatibility
  • 1.5.17, Format 26

    • [FIX] Issue with textures being improperly cached
    • [FIX] Invisible meshes need to be published
  • 1.5.16

    • Documentation and support for static publishing
    • Keep children of MultiID meshes after split
    • Child nodes of Bones will display
    • Use thumbnail=false query to hide thumbnail
  • 1.5.15

    • hideThumbnail=true query parameter
  • 1.5.14

    • Switch to PolyMesh format
    • Add MeshSmooth operator support
    • Add MeshSmooth to all meshes with the query parameter: ?subd=true
    • [FIX] Camera position in gyro mode could flip orientation when constrained and zoomed.
  • 1.5.13

    • [FIX] Trackball navigation rotation after navigation reset
  • 1.5.12

    • Stereo and Parallax modes
    • Support for deleting nodes
    • Annotations limit visibility support
    • Don't request invalid thumbnail
  • 1.5.11

    • Add raycast selecting
  • 1.5.10

    • [FIX] Child heirarchy properly updated in three.js scene, fix scale issue with child of nulls.
  • 1.5.9

    • Speed up IBL precomputation step.
  • 1.5.8

    • Changed CDN and CORS headers.
  • 1.5.5

    • Add support for custom hover colors on manipulator icons
    • Cache the EnvironmentMap texture image for speed improvements
    • [FIX] publish MultiID material nodes.
  • 1.5.4

    • Add fullscreen support
    • [FIX] Issues with manipulator icons
    • [FIX] Camera animations resolve to the correct destination transform
  • 1.5.3

    • Add assets.getUrl selector: will return the url to the asset
    • Update assets.importImage to work with existing asset ids.
  • 1.5.2

    • Add assets.importImage action
  • 1.5.1

    • [FIX] autoRotate camera flipping
  • 1.5.0

    • Add support for keyframe animations.
    • [FIX] Revert changed behavior of gyroscope mode.
  • 1.4.0

    • Add trackball navigation
  • 1.3.9

    • Faster rendering via material batching.
    • Update thumbnail image to match camera fov
    • Improved rendering speed via RAF
    • [FIX] Flash when loaded.
  • 1.3.8

    • Fix background color.
  • 1.3.7

    • Faster SAO
  • 1.3.6

    • Support for custom annoations, using player.useCustomAnnotationFunction
    • claraplayer.hasWebGL function for testing old devices
  • 1.3.5

    • 'loading' event is emitted during loading, with a progress value (0 to 1).
    • Find node parent with: scene.find({id: 'uuid', parent: true})
  • 1.3.4

    • Clearcoat
  • 1.3.3

    • Improved SAO
  • 1.3.2

    • [FIX] Virtual cameras must preserve aspect ratio
    • [FIX] Clone nodes without bringing their children should work
    • [FIX] Cloned nodes appearing multiple times in the scene graph
  • 1.3.1

    • [FIX] Prevent flash between background image and scene
  • 1.3.0

    • SAO support
    • A default camera position will be used if no camera is specified
    • Initial support for calling plugins
    • Rendered WebGL thumbnails from new player
  • 1.2.1

    • [FIX] Transparent maps
  • 1.2.0

    • [BREAKING] filter is now heirarchical by default, and add from option to find/filter to set the root node to search from (defaults to the scene root node).
    • Add a reparent action on sceneGraph, to move nodes
    • Add a clone action on sceneGraph to copy nodes
    • Add a fetch action on sceneIO to import scenes
    • [FIX] scroll wheel zoom was broken
    • [FIX] mesh prefetch
  • 1.1.1

    • Add children selectors (See Tutorial)
    • Add player.resize action
    • Add annotations.{open,close}Annotation actions
    • Add preloaded event for modifying the scene before it becomes visible
    • [FIX] Only iterate over own properties, if base prototypes have been modified
    • [FIX] Multiple players on the same page can share assets
    • [FIX] Background will show through while loading, spinner will overlay
    • [FIX] Show all tutorial docs in navbar, better styles to highlight functions
  • 1.1 - The api edition

    • Many changes in this update.
    • Publish documentation for api.
    • New scene module with flexible api for finding, filtering, getting and setting data in the scene graph.
    • Support for MultiID Materials: You must run Detach Material IDs on the object to spit the mesh into its subcomponents first.
    • Support for multiple player instances on the same page.
    • Ability to animate camera movement
    • Support for Image prefetch.
    • Performance improvements for large scenes.
    • More fixes and refactoring.
  • 1.0.0-beta.7

    • [FiX] WebGL error in IE
    • [FIX] Speed up scroll to zoom in Firefox
    • [FIX] Drag events in Safari
  • 1.0.0-beta.6

    • [FIX] Swap polarAngle/azimuthAngle
    • [FIX] Touch control dragging does not cause excessive movement
    • [FIX] Two finger swipe movement is not doubled
  • 1.0.0-beta.5

    • Support parallel loading of js and scene
  • 1.0.0-beta.4

    • Improve robustness of operator support, initialization.
  • 1.0.0-beta.3

    • Restrict camera to positive Y axis support.
  • 1.0.0-beta.2

    • Collapse transforms for all nodes with transforms, not just meshes.
    • ProxyReference operator