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To control the state of the configurator, either use the configurator UI or the configuration API. This demo shows how to control the configurator state with configuration API.

Current Configuration State demo resources:

Visit Base Scene

var sceneId = '90d92c65-e35b-4203-8f0b-a75fd3664a71';
var api = claraplayer('player');
var option = document.getElementById('options')
option.onchange = changeHandler;

api.on('loaded', function() {

  // Form1 is the name of the form used to initialise the configurator in this demo
  // check for more information about from
  api.configuration.initConfigurator({ form: 'Form1' });
  ['Gray', 'Black', 'Red', 'Blue', 'Green'].forEach( function(color, i){
    option.options[i] = new Option(color, color);
  document.getElementById('baseScene').setAttribute('href', '' + sceneId);

function changeHandler(ev) {

api.on('configurationChange', function(){
  var config = api.configuration.getConfiguration();
  document.getElementById('state').innerHTML = JSON.stringify(config);