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This demo shows the teleporting feature of the VR mode. If there is no goggle icon in the corner of the player, then you do not have a VR supported device

You can teleport to the corresponding location if the reticle is a rotating circle. To trigger the teleport, press the main button if your device has a controller, or press anywhere on screen with a mobile device. demo resources:

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var api = claraplayer('player');
var sceneId = '50e6b627-2226-4e72-9ea0-97c09f88f232';

  ['orbit', 'pan', 'zoom', 'home'].forEach(function(mode){

  // set vr teleporting property of all boxes and Cylinders be true, you could also set it inside the scene
  api.scene.setAll({name:'Box', plug:'Properties', property:'walkableInVR'}, true);
  api.scene.setAll({name:'Cylinder', plug:'Properties', property:'walkableInVR'}, true);